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Since 2009, the School of Transformation has seen hundreds of students encounter freedom, experience breakthrough, and find their purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Incoming students can expect the following experiences as they jump into the school:

  • Powerful Teaching – The School features heart-stirring teachings that result in emotional freedom and spiritual breakthrough.
  • Community – Students are organized into “Transformation Groups” that serve as a fellowship and discipleship experience during the school
  • Bible – Students will read through the entire Bible and learn the important habit of memorizing Scripture for life transformation
  • An Overseas Outreach – many of the students share that the overseas practicum, at the end of the school, is the most powerful aspect of the school.

2022-23 DETAILS

Deadline to apply: August 1st
Investment: $1,950


Before we can lead others, we must be able to lead ourselves. Whether planting churches across the world or seeking to make a difference in your neighborhood or workplace, the Leadership School will train you to live authentically and radically for Jesus.

  • Practical Teaching – You will have the opportunity to learn from men and women who excel in their field—from family to the workplace to the culture and beyond.
  • Life Skills –  You will master tools that cultivate consistent obedience and a kingdom lifestyle so that you can lead others to do the same.
  • Life Mission –  You will develop your God-given life mission by exploring your unique personality, passions, and priorities.
  • Community –  You will be a part of a high-level accountability cohort led by trained coaches.

2022-23 DETAILS

Deadline to apply: August 1st
Semester term: August – December
Investment: $900


God has given All Peoples Church a mandate to be a part of planting 3000 churches worldwide. For those who know their call and hope to launch next year, Church Planting School will prepare you.

  • Visionary Teaching –  You will discover the overarching Biblical narrative that undergirds All Peoples’ mission to plant churches, as well as principles for church planting.
  • On-the-job Training –  You will develop and practice an array of ministry skills that you need as a church planter, including the basics of fostering a disciple-making movement (DMM).
  • Team Training –  Your team will work together to develop healthy patterns for decision-making, conflict resolution, trust, and relationship-building.
  • Practical Preparation –  You will work with other church planters to complete all necessary practical steps for launch. (This includes ministry partner development, prayer shield, Visas etc.)

2022-23 DETAILS

Deadline to apply: August 1st
Semester term: January – May
Investment: $900

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